Friday, November 15, 2013


Oh yes, my 'Flirty Day Dress' is coming along nicely!  {smile} 

I'm taking very small steps at a time since the sewing is definitively at a higher level. And a lining no less: so fancy! 

--  **  --  **  --

In other news: our dog Olive (chocolate lab) jumped over the Lavender bushes the other day and managed to tear a ligament in her knee. This was her good knee so now she has two bum knees. {no smiling here} Poor baby, she is hobbling along and mainly just laying down most of the time. We've received some pain meds from the vet and we see improvement every day. It is all due to old age, she is almost 13 years old after all...

That's about it for now. The weather has turned colder and wetter today so I will be wearing my extra layers to Little Bit today. Afterwards I will go and cheer on our Girls' Middle School Basketball team of which Miss M. is the assistant coach. I'm loving it that she is loving it!  {smile}

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS:  My Little Bit class just got cancelled (to be honest I don't really mind with this 'yukkie' weather...) so I thought I'd better try this beast on. And what do you know? It fits!  {a 'tadaa' moment}  I'm hoping that with the addition and the weight of the skirt, the bodice part will fit a little bit better but overall I am quite pleased!

The sides are still pinned here...


  1. Poor little, Olive! HOpefully she's healing up soon!
    And that dress top is looking fantastic! The idea of fitting that scares me but I bet it's going to look great!

  2. Sterkte met je hondje hoor, de arme!!

  3. Looking great! I hope Olive recovers soon poor girl.

  4. I also hope for Olive's recovery - but I start out mightily impressed she jumped over the bushes in the first place! 13x 7 = 91 after all :)

    1. We had just cut her toenails (which she and we hate) and in her excited over the coming treat, she jumped over those said bushes! She is doing much better thank goodness!


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