Sunday, April 7, 2013


On this very dreary Sunday afternoon (we've had so much rain the last four days: the rivers look like they are going to explode!) I still have a few pics to share with you from this past week.

For starters I found my favorite candy (candy corn!), not in Halloween Orange but in Easter Pastels! How awesome looking is that?  (and tasty as well)   <wink>

Then sometime during the week my  sister over at Pike Street asked me about our Zebra Finches. Remember how I bought a male and a female one around this time last year and how 'all of a sudden' we had a nest with eggs? 
Well, we ended up with four babies, three boys and one girl. Once we knew what sexes we had (the colorings took a few weeks to show themselves), we managed to separate the girls from the boys (don't ask me how) and now we have two cages. They are chirping away as we speak I write this and are a happy bunch indeed!  {smile}

I also came across these two cool 'wild' birds in the front yard:

And  will end this rambling session with some pics I took in the backyard just now. You can see how much rain has fallen with the picture of my boots in the lawn.

Because of the crazy heavy rains we've been having, 
all the blossoms are falling to the ground like snow...
Mr. G. should be back from China a bit later in the week and the kids and I can't wait!
It will have been a long 10 days, especially because of the distance. At least we've been able to communicate with him on and off through texting. (they are 15 hours ahead of our time so only a small window of opportunity there) I've seen a few pics from the students and spotted Mr. G. doing some fancy Tai-Chi moves on a square somewhere in Beijing!  {smile}


  1. Your birds look so cute and so do the wild ones!
    Lucky Mr G, Ckina is a wonderful and very different country to visit!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Mr G is surely having a great time in China but will appreciate the crisp clear air in the Cow Rd area when he comes back.
    The birds all look so pretty!
    We are longing for rain, but once it'll start I guess it will not end, so I better be careful with my wishes!

  3. Love your pictures! The finches are very pretty. I love to hear our wild Goldfinches sing. The wild blue bird must be a jay, ours look a bit different here in the Midwest. Well the rain gets tedious, but at least you have some beautiful flowers!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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