Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The Hills The Trees are alive with the sound of music!

We woke up in very thick fog this morning, but now that the sun has broken through it is just plain gorgeous. Our ornamental pear trees in the front yard are absolutely buzzing with happiness and bees, so many bees!

And the smells, oh the smells...


  1. Beautiful blossom, I noticed the first yesterday, late for us because of the cold! :) x

  2. Oh, beautiful!!!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Blooming trees! Waouw! I think they will never bloom here again, nothing will come to life, it's all frozen. Still.

  4. ~ I was charmed by my visit to YOU.... I love how my mouse turned to a rose....hehe....I do hope the rains go away till another day for you....I saw my first candy pink blossom yesterday....But it is so cold! ~Take time to dream ~ Maria x

    1. Hi there Maria, thank you so much for YOUR visit and you know what, you're my 100th follower: yahoo! :-)


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