Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Little Present...

Today, the weather felt like a little present...
(especially after all the nasty ice stuff from yesterday)
Front yard...
Lots of sunny intermezzo's which  were nice and somewhat warm. Unfortunately more and more clouds are drifting in and it is cooling down once again, but I've spent several hours outside. First in running mode which took just about all my energy from me, and then in weeding mode. Very nice indeed!

Hope your Sunday contained lots of light as well!

PS Yesterday  I spotted these birds at the feeder. I had seen them flying around in Washington State before, but never so close or at the house. What a cool bright red spot they have underneath their wings!

Those little brown birdies in the foreground are the females.
Amazing that they can look so different!


  1. What a wonderful house you have! And I see green leaves on the trees! Here we are still a long way from green leaves!
    But next week I will spend where there is sunshine an a lot of green leaves... you'll see...
    Kram, Monica

  2. Your house looks beautiful! Had never seen a red winged blackbird before.
    Have a good start into the new week. Fijne maandag!

  3. What a lovely little present - thanks for sharing I enjoyed it too x


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