Thursday, December 30, 2010


Myself on Wikki, a Fjord.
It was around 30F/ -1C there, that's why my smile looks kind of frozen!

Today I got to do something really fun: helping in a long-lining training at Little Bit, the place where I volunteer twice a week. Normally I am one of the side walkers that holds on to the (handicapped) rider, but this time I became the rider. You'll notice I'm sitting on a Supracore mat, just a thin suede padded mat with no reigns or stirrups. Quite a different experience and it definitly makes you look at your riders with different eyes: what a work-out!

Mahon, a Haflinger

Zorro, a Fjord

Raffi, a Sachsen-Anhalt

On our way home we shot these pictures of the river valley along the 'Cow Road'. Gorgeous with all the snow and the sunshine!

The Olympic Mountains to our West!

Remnants of the Dutch even here:
the name of the farmer is Jake Groeneweg...


  1. Hello, my friend! Love your new blog & being able to keep up with you this way. You live in a most gorgeous place.

    Here's another dutch remnant for ya': my hubby is making olie bollen tomorrow. woo hoo!

  2. Hey Joanna, how wonderful to hear from you! Best, best wishes for the New Year are coming your way. As I understand it you need them badly!

    Guess what, my husband bought a deep fryer yesterday at Costco and we'll be frying our oily balls in there too today!
    Don't eat too many of those yeasty balls today!!! ;-)

  3. Hej Marjan dat staat je goed daar boven op het paard. Prachtige paarden trouwens. Het landschap heeft toch wel een iets weg van Zweden.
    Voor jou en je gezin ook alle goeds voor 2011 ,fijn dat je op mijn blog terecht kwam en er nu zelf één hebt.


How wonderful to hear from you!

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