Sunday, December 26, 2010

2nd X-Mas day: the big one!

So, first X-Mas Day is behind us now and it was spent in relative peace and quiet. The kids got the Kinect and so we decided to move the x-box downstairs for a couple of days. (bigger screen) That is some fun technology and even I and G. participated in the up and down jumping! I had to watch it with my ankle a bit though (I broke it over Thanksgiving 2009) but most of it was fine. Unfortunatly having the x-box downstairs also meant that we had to witness some Halo-gaming by C., but he also managed to find some Halo racing games in which we could all participate...

But now today is the big one: both of G.'s brothers and family (one from Utah and one from Oregon) plus his parents are coming over today for dinner, 12 people in all! The folks from Utah will be spending a couple of nights here as well so I've been busy cleaning etc. G. is smoking a pork butt (= pork shoulder) and we're making biscuits from scratch and will serve a large salad with that. Deserts will be brought in by other family members as will some Martini/ Pomegranate Cocktails: Yum! Not the most traditional Christmas dinner but that is how we like it: a little bit different! Hope you guys have a nice Boxing Day as well?!

We already set the table last night!

Fun home-made decorations...

But most important of all: my morning cup of coffee,
(in my Cirque de Soleil cup) made by my hubbie every day!

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  1. Thanks for your comment!
    Yes, the boys sleep togheter in the bed, but it is temporary and maybe in the next year they have their own beds.
    Nice and colorful christmastable!
    Great last days of 2010 to you!


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