Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Feeling (or not...)

Well, it is good thing the inside of our house looks like Christmas, because outside it is just plain Yukkie! Cloudy and pissing with rain: 'pis weer' as we call it in Holland. At least over Thanksgiving we were hit by a sudden snow event which was magical. Here are some impressions:

First snow

Through the front window

Olive was super happy!

The next morning!


And then the sun came out!

M. also appreciated the light and made her own pictures

And then the neighborhood came to life!

Great fun was had by all!

Even C. made an appearance!

Yes, so those days I was in the Christmas spirit, now, not so much. Of course it shouldn't depend on the weather, but snow definitly helps doesn't it?! 

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  1. Het voelt een beetje als Zweden. Mooi met al die besneeuwde dennen op de achtergrond.Mooie huizen ook.


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