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This morning I found myself 'hiding' behind the kitchen window, camera in hand, to try and catch some shots of all the birdies in the frosty cold. (24F/ -4C this morning!). Do you see the Blue Jay hiding in the bushes?  (click!) They are incredibly flighty and therefore very difficult to catch on film...

I was hiding behind the kitchen window, because I'm in the middle of trying to attach the collar to the Fancy Fleece Jacket. This is always so complicated that I constantly have to walk away from the project to regain some perspective on all the steps involved. This makes me do lots of other stuff in between like taking pictures, vacuuming, playing with Photoshop etc...  <wink>

Well, another beautiful and cold day here in The Valley. I think I will be wearing my long-johns underneath my jeans today when I go to Little Bit: Brrrr!

Flirty Day Dress detail...


  1. Lace on hemlines is soo nice!
    Birds are so pretty!


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