Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Fabulous Day At Little Bit!

This past Tuesday was the first day (for me) to be having real lessons at 'Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center'. And then I mean at the new location. I must say I was feeling some anticipation about it, but oh boy, it was fabulous!

The new arena is open at three sides and what a difference in noise level that makes. Everything was so nice and calm and quiet. We could hear the birds really well (especially those crazy Canadian Geese that flew right over our heads) and looked at all the Spring Blossoms around us. We took in all these new features through our own eyes and the eyes of our riders. I can only imagine how big this change is for them....

Below is a nice collage of the three riders we had in the arena today. The two girls on the left and right are 'my' riders: aren't they the cutest!  {smile} The other rider was giving his horse lots of loving after the lesson: so sweet to see this!

Click on picture to enlarge...

Of course I couldn't have taken all these pictures while I was volunteering. No, all these pretty pics were once again taken by Miss M., my lovely daughter who will be turning 16 in only a matter of weeks! How time flies... Thank you Miss M. for sharing such an important part of my life. Just look at all the details she picked up while observing the lessons and wandering around the facility...

The new barn also came with a new barn cat, meet Oscar:

It was indeed a great day and you know what? I'm going again this afternoon!  {smile}

PS: I don't usually post photos of myself here (since I am usually the one behind the camera), but this one shows perfectly how content and happy I was right at that moment...

Straight out of camera, no photo editing...
PS again: The pictures of the riders were published with the parents' permission.


  1. First I love Your HAIR color......cute!
    Looked like you had a great time!

  2. What a great thing to do! Great hair too! :) x

    1. Thanks Ada! I cut and color my own hair so I'm extra pleased with your compliments... :-)

  3. LOVE everything about this post. Meike apparently inherited your talent Marjan. Simply wonderful.

    1. Thank you Margje! I'm also very pleased with her effort and results! :-)

  4. Children and animals are always magical! And the work you do at Little Bit is certainly magical! Credit to you and all the others working there!
    Kram, Monica

    1. Thanks Monica, it is indeed a magical place!

  5. What a wonderful day you all had! Just Beautiful!

  6. Ik lees net dat je een Nederlandse bent, dan hoef het niet meer vertaald. Wat gemakkelijk.

    Die Oscar is een prachtig kereltje. En nu begrijp ik inmiddels de naam van je blog al beter: wonen jullie op een boerderij?

  7. Dan vergeet ik nog te zeggen dat de gele narcissen er geweldig uitzien. Wat een schitterende locatie!


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