slade - merry christmas everybody


  1. Hi there!
    I saw you were on my blog and you're most welcome. That way I also found you beautiful blog, I love the pictures of your house and the environment, so beautiful.
    What is your native language? I understand you have a strong connection to the Netherlands!
    Hope to see more from you soon!
    Have a good Christmas time!

  2. Hej pa dig Agneta, Vad kull att du kommenterade at mig! I apologize for any mistakes in my Swedish just now, I haven't written any Swedish in years! You're right, I am Dutch but have also lived in Sigtuna ('89-'93), Germany, Sri Lanka and now since 10 years I'm living in the States. (my husband is American also) I love reading your blog (I've read it since the beginning!)and I think it was probably your blog that inspired me to start one of my own. Very complicated all the technical stuff but I'm getting there.
    Please give a big woof from Olive to Monster Leia ;-) and Tingeling!


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