Thursday, April 14, 2016

Life Lately...

Coffee, knitting and a lamb being born!

Oh boy, I must admit that my view the last week or so has been this, the picture above. I've been following Wing & A Prayer Farm's Lambing Camera again (for a quite a while now to be honest). It is so addicting! Last Saturday the first two lambs of the season were born (twins!) and the next day the next set of twins arrived, all ewes! Tammy has several more sheep (and Angora goats!) due, so you'll know where to find me...  <wink>

Anyway, last week was Mr. G.'s Spring Break. We were so incredible lucky, summer temperatures all week, one day it even went up to 83F / 29C! Unbelievable!  We worked our behinds of in the yard so that is all 'done' for now. 

We also spent an afternoon at the Ballard Locks with a Cuban Pulled Pork sandwich from Paseo and we also stopped by both a Scandinavian Aquavit -maker and a beer brewery: (see below, all unedited photos)

This Bavarian Hefeweizen is our absolute favorite!
Life Goals, Love this!
In the middle of Seattle, right next door to the Stoup Brewery!

Oh, I almost forgot, at the beginning of the break we dog sat our two favorite Labradors (beside our own Olive of course) for four days. Such sweetie-pies!

And I knit some socks with a very fun new heel called 'Vanilla is the new Black'.:

And some running was done and new friends were made...

Do you see Aero in the river?

All in all a great week spent together! {smile} Now we only have a few more weeks to go before the kids are done with this university year (already?!) and then Miss M. and myself are off to visit my relatives in The Netherlands for a while. Where is all the time going?  {smile}

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