Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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Just in time for a two day visit to Crystal Mountain (where a ton of snow has been falling!), I finished this Louvre sweater!

Cascade 220 yarn in two colors was used. Definitely not my favorite yarn, but a good and fairly cheap option, although a little dull... The slipped stitch pattern on the front looks impressively difficult, but it is really easy to make.  I also really like the p3, k3, p3 stitch pattern in the raglan which continues on underneath the sleeves. A fun pattern that I wouldn't mind making again, but then in a lighter yarn maybe. That would involve a lot of counting though, so maybe not... <wink>

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So, the Holidays have started. Miss M. already came home a week and a half ago and Master C. arrived home on the Greyhound bus  a few days ago on the one day where the passes were open. Yes, a lot of snow has been falling in the mountains and yesterday we even had big flakes coming down here in the lowlands! Nothing stuck of course, but those large flakes are so exciting! {smile}

I hope everybody can find some peace in these dark days and joy too of course!



  1. OMG... Your sweater is amazing!! Love it!
    Enjoy the Holidays!

  2. Its adorable you are a very stylish lady indeed!
    Happy holidays....best D xx

  3. It's gorgeous I love that stitch it is easy isn't it but looks amazing.


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