Thursday, June 25, 2015

Low Tide Cardigan...

Love the pointy ends here, they flow in the breeze...
I'm in love!!!

I loved this pattern (by Tin Can Knits) from the first time I layed my eyes on it and oh boy, it did not disappoint!

The yarn I used was Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the 'El Greco' colorway. (100% merino wool)

My gauge was 24 stitches x 34 rows in 4 x 4 inches, using a size US 5 needle. (for those of you who would like to know these kind of details...)

It still does need some small buttons for the top lace part, but I haven't decided on those yet...

I liked it when it came off the needles yesterday, but I Loved it after I washed and blocked to a better fitting size. It is so soft and 'flowy', just perfect! {smile}

Back detail and short row sleeve caps...

--  **  --  **  --

Of course there is already a new project in the works. I haven't  started the actual knitting yet, but that will happen in the next hour or so. May I present to you the Estuary Shawl, also designed by Tin Can Knits. (another pattern that I immediately fell in love with...)

This pattern is completely made up out of quite a few Lace charts and so rather daunting! I'm using the same Madeline Tosh Merino wool again, only this time in the same teal colorway as the original pattern...

I'm not planning on finishing this anytime soon, this will be a slow-knitting project. Perfect for the extreme heat temperatures that we will be experiencing for the next two weeks! (high 90's, close to 38 Celsius for the foreseeable future: waaaaaay too hot for our liking!)


  1. This pattern is wonderful. And your new projekt too :).
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Errug leuk geworden! Nu nog knoopjes zoeken....en die shawl lijkt mij ook te gek!

  3. Wauw, echt prachtig geworden!
    Veel plezier met je nieuwe project!
    Wat een absurde temperaturen... :-))

    1. Indeed Sandra! We zitten nu al te puffen binnen en het is pas de eerste dag van de heat wave! :-( Ik denk dat de air conditioning gauw aan zal gaan... (doen we echt nooit)

  4. Je cardigan is een plaatje !! Hoe mooi ! Ben benieuwd naar je knoopjeskeuze :-)...
    En als het een troost mag zijn, hier is ook een hittegolf in aantocht... Jawel, een hittegolf in saai België, kun je je voorstellen...


How wonderful to hear from you!

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