Monday, June 22, 2015

And Exhale....

So this is what happened a couple of weeks ago...  {smile}

This last month we've been busy driving (early in the morning), entertaining first my mother and then my father from The Netherlands, Senior Project presentations, pre-graduation parties, post-graduation parties and very warm weather. Today is my first day with nothing on the schedule: bliss!

I'll be back when I've recovered from it all... ('twas all good, believe me!)

The Family!
Shaking hands with her dad,
who also happens to be the Head of our High School....

Class of 2015!!!


  1. Yesss! Geweldig die laatste foto! En gefeliciteerd met Gerald!!( niks te doen? Moet je geen verjaardagsmaal koken?)

  2. Proficiat voor je dochter !
    En mooi, de familiefoto !!
    Geniet nu maar van de vakantie... Ik heb zo een vermoeden dat een beetje rust nu nodig is ;-)...

  3. I can remember the feeling! What a beautiful family you are! And happiness rules!


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