Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sleepless In Seattle...

View towards the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains from A.'s apartment...

So last week my Dutch friend A. invited me over for an overnight stay in her 21st floor apartment downtown Seattle. Little Bit was still on break so we were both 'off duty' so to speak, Her husband was over in Germany for business and so it was a good time for a girls' day and night out. 

Since A. literally lives downtown Seattle and I don't do that kind of crazy driving, I had to take the bus: first time by myself (in the States) ever! <wink>  I arrived right around lunch time and we had some lovely food and beautiful views overlooking Seattle from her apartment, so much to see from up there!

Only the middle picture was taken by me, the other two I found online)
After this we walked all the way (and beyond) to Pioneer Square and back to Pike Place Market, stopping along the way in fun little stores. One of them was Dry Goods Design. I had only visited their previous location in Ballard before which was tiny, but they've certainly found an excellent location now, with lots of room and light streaming through the large windows. It was extra fun to see a pretty display of all things Tolt Yarn & Wool in the shop! (see above)

By the end of the afternoon we got overtaken by some serious rain clouds so we headed back home. I checked my health-app on my phone and it said we had walked 7 miles! A. prepared as a wonderful vegetarian dinner with Risotto and roasted veggies etc and we hit the hay around 10pm or so. (what a wild girls' night out right? <wink>)

(Click! to enlarge)

The next morning we walked another 4 miles or so around Capitol Hill which is more my kind of area. Still a bit chilly out, but the sun was shining and we had a great time just wandering and chatting and chatting and more chatting.
After spending 26 hours in the big city I was quite ready to go back to the country. I am just not a big city girl I guess, but I did feel inspired by all the fashions and dyed hair etc. It was just right! Thanks A.! {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

The next day I had to pick up our guests for the weekend, two Labrador Retrievers (we already have one here at home, so now three of them), one of which was a ten month old puppy: Aero!

We know these dogs quite well and it was an absolute pleasure having them stay here for five nights. Thank goodness the weather was just spectacular and we went on lots of walks and they did lots of swimming in the river. What sweetie-pies!  {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

And on a final note: Look what I came across in the yard while weeding this morning: a rabbit hole with two tiny little bunnies inside! One is definitely alive, not quite certain about the second one yet...

PS: Thank you for all your kind words regarding my dentist visit. I think it was the easiest one so far. What great numbing drugs they have here! <wink>


  1. Ach Aero is toch echt een schattebolleke !!
    Hihi ik moest wel lachen over je "meidentripje" - zoveel kilometers wandelen dat je 's avonds nog te moe bent om de bloemetjes buiten te zetten ;-))) (zou mij dus ook gebeuren !)
    En, weet je al of het tweede konijntje nog leeft ?

  2. Oh, love the animals and especially the little bunny, how cute con you get!


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