Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Tale of Two Bunnies...

Teeny Tiny Cuteness overload!

Remember I wrote about the rabbit's nest that I found right in the middle of the back yard the other day? Well, we found out that the other little bunny was indeed diseased. There were quite a few of those large pesky black flies zooming around in the nest and we felt really bad for the other one, so Mr. G. managed to remove the dead one (wearing gloves!) so that the other one wouldn't get pestered as much. 

The little one that didn't make it...

The live one kept on trying to crawl out of the nest, but since his eyes weren't quite opened yet he didn't know where to go. I closed the opening of the nest a bit with some nesting material that was strewn about and left him there for his mother to return.
We'll never know what has happened to them, because by the next morning the nest was totally empty. Let's just say that mom picked up the baby and decided to go elsewhere where they will live happily ever after...  

--  **  --  **  --

This all happened on Sunday when it was still fairly overcast and not quite warm. Yesterday (Monday) on the other hand we had a sudden spike in temperatures and it got up to at least 80F / 27C!!! It was hot!
Miss M. had an Ultimate Frisbee game at home so a great opportunity for a visit. Due to circumstances I was a couple of hours early and spent some time at a kind of petting zoo/ park nearby. Always fun to chat with some animals!

Look at this pony's eyes!
And the view wasn't bad either!  {smile}

Now we're back to cloudy skies and some showers. Since I'm volunteering at Little Bit again today, I don't mind at all....


  1. Dat paardje !! Wat een vreemde oogjes !

  2. Oh, little bunny. I choose to believe that Mum came back and now they have another safe home and will live long bunny lives!


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