Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mud, Mud, Mud!

Good cause shoe collection after the race for those who
didn't want to deal with the messy and smelly clean-up!

Ha, this past Saturday three friends of Miss M. participated in a Mud-Run right at walking distance from our house. (Remlinger Farms) The weather was absolutely fabulous: (it has been that way for the last two weeks or so, but today things are changing...) full on sunshine but also with a nice breeze.

I had never been to one of those races before (it is a 5k run through the mud and with many crazy obstacles on the way) and I have to tell you, my face was hurting from all the laughing!  {smile}

Great times!

Sunday was Graduation Day at our school and Mr. G. always has to hand out the diploma's etc. since he is Head of High School. I always attend since it is such a happy occasion. Next year it will be Miss M.'s turn to step on to the podium! (what???!)  <wink>

That was about it for now. I'm getting ready to spend a few hours at Little Bit again. The temperatures have been dropping a bit so I think some more layers of clothing are in order. See you later!  

PS: Today 25 years ago was the day that Mr. G. and I met each other for the very first time!!!! Look at how young we were... {smile}


  1. Een modderrace ??
    Hihi dàt moet een vuile bedoening geweest zijn... krijg dat thuis als moeder, dan weet je dat je wasmachine overuren gaat moeten draaien...
    Wel slim gezien, dat je de vuile schoenen ter plaatse mag achterlaten !!
    Volgend jaar misschien zelf eens meedoen, Marjan ? ;-)))

  2. Waha dat ziet er fantastisch uit! Geweldige fotoos ook! Het lijkt wel een selfie die foto van jou en G maar ja die handen we toen nog niet....

  3. Mooie foto! En nu? 25 jaar later?

  4. Congratulations to 25 years! What a handsome couple!
    Kram, Monica

  5. That looks awesome! Something I would love to do someday.

  6. Congratulations to those 25 years and I hope you'll have many, many more. And how beautiful you are (were), a very handsome couple!
    Mud race is what our dog do every day.......

  7. Oh my goodness! This is something I would love to do...a mud run - what fun.

    I still love that last picture of you and your chap. Happy 25 years.

    Nina x


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