Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Masticating Madness!

No, it is not what you're thinking!  <wink> Last week I have purchased this awesome masticating juicer: the Omega 8007. You can basically throw in anything and it makes juice out of it...

I've started  a juicing plan with Joe Cross (the free 15 day juicing plus plan) and am currently on Day 4 and still alive!  (Ha!) The first 5 day days you're still chewing (but only on veggies and fruit) and the next 10 days you live only on liquids. We'll see how that goes, but so far so good!

And just to be clear: no coffee, no dairy, no meat, no gluten etc, only veggies and fruit... (I want my cheese!!!)

The fun part is that my sister (at Pike Street) is doing it with me! We're keeping each other posted via 'whatsapp' and keep on sending each other tasty pictures of our juices and salads.

I definitely had some head aches on Day 2, but they have disappeared again and it does feel like I have some extra energy flowing through my body. (always a good thing right?)

The recipes have been surprisingly tasty, although I must admit that too many carrots in a juice is just not my thing... I will keep you posted on my progress...

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In the mean time I'm still spending some time on my knitting, although that has been put on the back burner a little bit, because of all the work and time the juicing is taking. Here is my "Lady Cardigan":


  1. wow, that's brave, and apparently...good for you! looking forward to the updates. Just for my curiosity, why did you two decide to do this?

  2. Amai.... Petje af... Ik zou het niét kunnen, hoe lekker de sapjes ook zijn. Zo niks om te knabbelen, ik kan het niet.
    Waarom ben je ermee begonnen ? Gezondheid, dieet ?
    De koolhydraten een tijdje schrappen is in elk geval eens goed - maar zo moeilijk (ik heb er telkens moeite mee....)

    1. Gezondheid en een paar pondjes eraf. Ik hoop dat ik er na weer wat zin heb om gezondere maaltijden te bereiden. (ik houd niet van koken en ik doe het steeds minder)

    2. Hihi Marjan da's tenminste eerlijk dat je zegt niet graag te koken ! Sinds die hele hype van kookprogramma's op tv is koken weer "in", en durft hier al bijna niemand meer te zeggen dat-ie niet graag kookt !

    3. Het koken zelf gaat nog wel, maar het iedere keer weer iets moeten bedenken vind ik echt niks. In Nederland (en misschien ook Belgie?) wordt er inderdaad veel gekookt en ik vind dat ook nogal intimiderend...

  3. Aha, yes the juice diet! Haven't tried one of those yet - are they worth it?

  4. Looking forward to reading about it; good luck there!

  5. Good! Must be a good feeling when you've done it. I would like to try it but haven't got around to start yet.
    Good luck!


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