Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Light...

Yippie: The little birdies are 'back'!
Of course they never truly left since these little guys are always around, but I'm starting to notice them again.

Enjoy the views from my front room...

PS I took a week off from running after last week's fabulous 5,12 miles (my ankle was hurting, the one that I broke about four years ago), and this morning I was able to get another 3,2 miles in: yay!  {smile}


  1. Beautiful pictures. Its amazing how obsessive birds can become.

  2. Glad you got to run again, and thank you for the beautiful 'fall light' pictures.

  3. Lovley bird-pictures, they are so cute!
    I'm glad you liked the pictures I made, I went around our farm and took photos of wood, stones, roof and stuff like that, then I used Photoshop and mixed it together :)


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