Monday, February 11, 2013

The Weekend That Was...

We are quite the boring family, I must admit. By the time the weekend comes around we're just happy to be home, most of the time. But this weekend was very different...

It started out with the fabulous Soundgarden concert on Friday night. Master C. and his friend followed along while Miss M. and her Varsity Basketball Team apparently played the game of their life!  She then spent two nights at a friend's house while master C. spent the next day on the ski slopes, leaving us (the parents) once again with a Saturday to ourselves. 

Some of those hours we spent at IKEA. We were looking to buy some 'Semlor' (a Swedish pastry that you can only buy this time of year) but 'ack and alas', no semlor were to be found. I did find a nice tiny 'Princess Torte' (a little creamy cake with pink marzipan over the top) so that did the trick. Somehow we spent $80 at IKEA on I don't know what.... (oh yes, several teal colored items such as candles, a yard waste bin for on the counter and a semi-circle doormat) It is so nice to finally live fairly close to an IKEA store so that we can just go when we feel like it and don't have to drive four hours to get there!

Anyway, I was so exhausted still from the concert the night before that I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed , slumbering and watching more episodes of James Herriot: pure relaxation!  {smile}

But, the weekend wasn't over yet. yesterday we had tickets to go see another show of the most fabulous Cirque du Soleil: "Amaluna!" So worth the money, I can't tell you enough. 

All pictures found on the web since no photography was allowed inside the tent...

So, all in all a weekend to cherish! 

Now we have this week to get through and then we'll have a week off for our Winter Break. Not too many plans as of now and that is just fine with me. Hope you guys had  a great weekend as well? I see that Holland has received snow again! We still haven't received any and it doesn't look like it will come in the near future either. Looking forward to seeing more signs of spring soon...

PS: Oh, and there was some creativity also, don't you worry. Several pillow cases were made out of the softest flannel ever... (for in the TV room)
I added some ribbons to the front and the back has a simple envelope opening.
Easy Peasy!


  1. Oh I so adore the 'cirque du soleil' magical and jaw dropping.

    You were indeed very lucky this weekend...

    Daisy x

  2. Oh, you had a fabulous weekend, so many interesting and fun events. But the IKEA prinssestarta must have been the best! Kidding.
    Soundgarden, Cirque de Soleil, IKEA, what more is there to ask for!
    Agneta kram

  3. Oh my goodness, what a weekend you had! Sounds like a wonderful time. Your pillows look lovely!

  4. Wow, what a weekend. Don't get to IKEA did once on vacation to USA. Loved it. Yummy treats. :)

    Your pillowcases are delightful! The embellishments are pretty. Have you ever considered an etsy shop, your sewing is so lovely. ♥

    Happy Monday!

  5. What a weekend!!! I got tired just reading about it all... :-D
    Kram, Monica

    1. Hej pa dig Monica! I think I'm in your spam filter once again, since my comments are not showing up on your blog... Just so that you know I haven't forgotten about you... ;-)

  6. Its not hard to spend $80 at Ikea and that cake looked so pretty and I bet it tasted just as good! Heidi

  7. I love your pillowcases, they look perfect for inducing sleep, beautiful colour! :) x

  8. I love Ikea! I'm so lucky I live just 10 minutes from Ikea here in Sundsvall :)

  9. Thought you might like this:

    1. This is great Julie! I had just asked a Swedish blogger for a recipe so now I can compare them. Thanks again! :-)


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