Pumpkins Galore...

Oh man, I am so behind in posting here. I've been on several field trips with my yarn gals, finished my grey sweater (two weeks ago already!) etc. etc.

The most important thing right now though is the home visit of our youngest for a few days. She arrived Friday evening from L.A. where she goes to college and will sadly be leaving again tonight. But, it was wonderful to even have her here, so no complaints. {smile}

The weather has  certainly become very autumnal, so she was quite cold. The day she flew in it was 91 F in L.A. and only in the lower 60's over here... We went to Costco, made a beef stew (and the next day a Chicken Pot Pie), did some shopping and of course we had to go to our local pumpkin field to pick up a load of them. Good times!

We're also dog sitting again this week for our two most favorite Labradors Bo & Aero. Lots of walks along the river and snuggles in bed...


  1. Oh heerlijk!! Zowel de dochter, als de herfst, als de pompoenen als de hondjes ;o) Genieten dus met een hoofdletter :)


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