Monday, October 17, 2016

Knit, Knit, Purl...

Photo taken by Kathy Cadigan.

Here is a little update on my knitting projects of late:

When visiting The Netherlands last June, I bought five skeins of Schachenmayr regia 4-ply sock yarn in a light grey for very good money. I had been thinking of a simple light weight sweater for myself, but just couldn't decide on a pattern. Then our lovely dog Olive died early in July and I just knew I had to have something on the needles to help me with the process of letting go of her. 

So I went for the  free Flax Light pattern by Tin Can Knits to start with. Instead of their garter stitch panel on the sleeves I added a free sock pattern called Kalajoki that I also found on Ravelry. I added  a few stripes on the body, added a faux seam (p1, k1tbl, p1) on each side and a split hem on the bottom. It is super light, but still warm and I just love wearing it. A keeper!  {smile}

Sometime in July/ August I visited Churchmouse Yarns, another lovely yarn shop on Bainbridge Island with some of my cohorts from Tolt Yarn. There I came across a fun fisherman's cap (Seaworthy Gansey Cap) that they had on display. I found out it was one of their own patterns and so I purchased it and the yarn and made one for Mr. G. 
The difficulty of this pattern was to knit with worsted weight yarn (fairly thick) on US 1 needles ! (which are very small) This gives a very tight fabric which helps with the brim shaping. Love it also! I haven't made a picture of Mr. G. actually wearing it but will do soon...

Right now I have a sweater for Mr. G. on the needles called Goat Herder. I'm knitting it in Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter in Barn Owl. I normally knit sweaters top down (so starting at the neck) but this one is a bottom up one. It has short row sleeves as well, all new techniques for me!

I'm also working on a new shawl called Mainline, but I don't have any pictures of this one yet. The cable cast on of 450 stitches took me absolutely forever and so far I've only knit the first 8 rows. Can't wait for those decreases to start!  <wink>

If you would like to see other things I've knit then you can always check my Ravelry page for more details.

Happy Knitting everybody!

PS: The first picture was taken by Kathy Cadigan, a professional photographer and super knitter. She came along on our visit to the Asian Museum in Seattle to see the Indigo exhibit last week. I happened to be wearing my latest creation and she asked to photograph me and it. Of course I said Yes!  {smile}


  1. Ohhh.. wat M*O*O*I!! Ik vind ze allebei schitterend geworden Marjan! Vooral de gansey cap, maar dat is beroepsdeformatie, hahaha! Het patroon heb ik opgeslagen.

    1. Haha, dat dacht ik al Stephanie, dat jij die muts mooi zou vinden! Iemand vroeg me of het iets Nederlands was?


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