More Snowy Pics And A Few More Knitted Items...

I just had a few more snowy pics to show you, but didn't want to stuff them all together in one post...

Same picture as above, just different editing...

--  **  --  **  --

In the mean time I'm attempting to knit up my first ever  pair of socks! I'm taking yet again a class at Cratsy and love the first one I've made already. Number two is almost done...

Made in 100% acrylic Lion Brand Homeland yarn, just to try it out...

I also made this little ornament below as a 'thank you' for my aunt who hosted a most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at her house last week...

And today I received word that my nephew's hat had arrived in The Netherlands so now I can finally show it to you...

Design inspired by my nephew's lovely red cat called Binky,
better known as 'Da Bink'!
(yarn used is 'Wool-ease' by Lion Brand, 80% acrylic, 20% wool)

Happy nephew in Amersfoort!

It is still pretty darn cold over here so my class at Little Bit was cancelled once again yesterday. Hopefully better luck this Friday with my two classes. That was it for now. See you soon!  {smile}


  1. Hij vindt hem niet mooi......maar supermooi!!

  2. De "da bink"-muts is gewéldig !!!

    1. Bedankt Ingrid, ik heb hem zelf 'ontworpen'...

  3. I think you've turned into a perfect knitaholic and the things you do look so good!
    Beautiful frosty pics.
    Aggie kram

  4. Wat een stoere muts. Mooi zeg! Complimenten voor jou. Succes met sok twee :-)


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