Sunday, December 14, 2014


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Oh how I do love me some photo editing! To me it is definitely a creative outlet. Miss M. prefers the purer picture style, I like to go a bit over the top, both options are just fine...

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One more week to go before the Holidays are here. First both kids have to endure their finals/ exams though and then they will be ready for some hanging out time, as are we.

Master C. signed his first rental lease yesterday starting in the summer of 2015, what a big step, for both him and us: it is all good!
Miss M. is in the middle of her university applications and she will be leaving our household also in the summer of 2015, what a year it will be!

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If you follow me on Instagram (see link in the side bar) you will have seen me attempting some more runs and even a bike ride! I'm still enjoying my weekly yoga class as well, better even than I had thought I would. This class is not focused as much on the spiritual side which was exactly the part I was dreading the most...

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Otherwise I have started another knit project, a simple raglan sweater. I had two skeins of yarn in my stash and thought I would just buy some more as the sweater came along, but only yesterday I found out that this particular colorway was discontinued! A color-block project it will then... <wink>

That is about it for now. I will leave you with a few more textures I've been playing around with. (all pictures were edited in 'Be Funky')

(Light at the neighbors' house...)


  1. Oeioei niet genoeg wol voor je bloes... Dat wordt dus een bloes met streepjes in verschillende kleuren ! Ook mooi, dus zo erg is dat niet :-) !

  2. Ps nog vergeten - je "kerstige" banner bovenaan je blog is leuk !

  3. You make your pictures so great, I love them all!


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