Panorama's in The Valley....

Click! to enlarge....

We've been having indescribably delightful weather over here with lots of sunshine and excellent temperatures. (around 75F / 25C) Just perfect really! {smile}

Yesterday, after 2 1/2 hours of sun and dust and fun kids at Little Bit, I returned home via my favorite Cow Road (as we call it) and these were some of the views I encountered...

Some old barns and farms are always an extra bonus...

And this is what I had at the end of all that loveliness: a glass of Pastis! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Slik *met open mond naar foto's aan het staren*
    Gebeurde hier zoëven, toen ik je foto's zag...
    Wát een zichten heb je daar !!
    En nu snap ik ook de naam van je blog :-)
    Geniet van het weekend !
    Xxx, Ingrid

  2. Beautiful photos. Glad to have discovered your blog.

    1. I'm glad we have found each other! :-)


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