Evolution of a Bobble...

A couple of days ago I received a lovely Sinterklaas package from my sister at Pike Street. It included several very yummy kinds of Dutch Sinterklaas candy, a couple of magazines (101 Woonideeen was one of them!) and a knitting book for cowls and hoods: yay!  {smile} 

The picture of the Bobble Cowl immediately got my attention. First I attempted to follow the instructions in the book (bobble #1. and #2.) but those didn't quite work out. Then I went online and on You Tube found a really nice and clear video of a how-to et voila, two really nice Bobbles (#3. & #4.) if I say so myself!  <wink>

This black one was just a sample, I'm actually knitting in pretty much the same color as the cowl on the front of the book. I'm using needles US #13. and fat yarn so it is going pretty quick. We'll be needing these warm knitted items for a few days more: this morning it was 12F = -12C!!!! Brrrrr...

And on another note, I finished my Moss Mini Skirt Grainline pattern yesterday. I really like the model, with a real front fly (= zipper) and all, but it was way too big! (Or in other words: I am way too thin!  <wink>)  I will have to fiddle around with the waistband a bit to make it fit better in that area. I usually wear skirts with something over it anyway so you can't really see the waistband, but still, bummer...

Click! to enlarge for more detail...
And I have one more newsworthy item: halfway on my way to school yesterday afternoon I noticed the car 's engine was overheating (the temperature gauge was at its highest point! very scary!). Mr. G. managed to drive it home (with me in his truck behind him) and the verdict is a broken water-pump. The total cost will be around $900!!!  Bingo, and that right before Christmas....


  1. Ai! 900 dollar! Bummer indeed...Is de auto dat nog waard? Die is ook al weer een jaar of 12 toch?

  2. You gett more and more skilled in knitting! I've knitted all my life and I can't make those bubbles...
    Our car has also broken down, so I know how you feel!
    Kram, Monica

  3. yikes about the car! (and the bill!).
    How fun is knitting hmm? Making bobbles like a pro!

  4. Cars and computers are meant to work and work and work or else you get in a really bad mood. Hoooh.
    Yoru're a great knitter already! Actually, now I have to make my voice heard, I once knitted two sweaters with bubbles om them. I cannot believe that now, but I did!


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