"Oh It's Wonderful, Soak Up Every Word...

...I'm taking my time, after every line." 

Lyrics by Lemolo in 'Beautiful Night'. I thought she sang 'after every mile' which I thought was appropriate for this running post, but apparently that is not what she was singing. Oh well...  <wink>
The point I'm trying to make is that I haven't been touched my music like this for a very long time and now, every time I run, I listen to this cd only. It is just beautiful background music, not so in your face so to speak and now every time I hear it (when I'm not running) I can just see all the beautiful sites I've come across while running in the Snoqualmie Valley. Exhale!
Taken last year in November...

What a wonderful run this morning! Yes, I am still running, however with less intensity compared to last year, but, I'm still running and that is all that counts! {smile}

This morning the temperature was just right (around 44F/ 7C), no wind and everything just smelled soooo good. There were some clouds hanging above the river but I could see the trees behind it peeking through. Only a couple of people on the railroad trestle and the best thing of all? Meeting three miniature donkeys at my half-way point! Too cute for words and a great reason for a little stop and some scratching of their foreheads (and catching my breath)...

Upon my triumphant return home I was greeted by first the smell and then the sight (and later the taste) of some homemade pop-overs: yum! What a great start to the weekend! {smile}

PS: I couldn't resist any longer, my blog is in winter mode!!!  {smile}
(do you see The Snowman peeking out?)


  1. ah, great post and also thank you for the 'winter mode', I love it!


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