Notice the little diamond at the top of the crown?

No, no, no, I'm not pregnant!  <wink> More nesting in the sense of making the home more homey or 'gezellig'!

But first things first: I still had to send a nice 'thank you'-card to my great aunt Nel for the lovely embroidery patterns. I thought this card would be rather suitable for the Queen of our family... {smile}

Last Sunday I had the overwhelming urge to paint some walls, again! Since the ceilings are too high in the front part of the house (and I never want to paint in there again!) I decided to paint in the more lived-in areas of the hose: the tv-room, the dining area and the kitchen. 

Below you see on the left the 'before' and on the right the 'after' of each camera position....

Click! to enlarge...

It is not a huge difference, but I feel the colors are just a bit more muted now and not screaming in your face. I'm also trying to de-clutter somewhat, but that is not quite working out yet. Still a work in progress...

Plus I've been doing some quick and fun sewing. Look, a little skirt!

Today I'm wearing the version below (with thick tights and woolly socks underneath it), because the weather is just pants! (I love that British expression)

Hope you're staying dry out there?


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