Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter After All?

Wow, just look at this:

Thunder & Lightning and an enormous amount of hail all of sudden on this Saturday afternoon. Maybe we'll get some winter after all?

What a difference a day makes...

Poor Olive, she was absolutely terrified of all that thunder. Look at where I found her: in Miss M.'s room hiding between all the stuffed toys!


  1. Oh, Olive zo schattig tussen de knuffels!

  2. Wat zonde van Olive, en wat heftig zeg dat weer! Volgens mij hadden jullie toch al bijna lente ;)?

  3. Poor Olive, she looks cosy though! :) x

  4. Lovely weather!
    I like Olive, so cute, and also under the table! Adorable!

  5. When I saw your first picture, I thought it was a chocolate cake with shredded cococonut on... :-D
    Kram, Monica


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