As you can see I'm experimenting with something new: the actual blog background. I'm not 100% satisfied yet, but it's a start. It feels strange that only the text scrolls and not the background, plus there is that lighter horizontal line in there that I couldn't see while I was in the Template Designer page.

I wasn't quite ready to create a whole new blog header (again) so I wanted to create a background that went with the header. Soon I will be ready for more color, but for now I quite like this one...

PS: I have an extra wide screen. Please let me know if things don't line up quite right for your screen...

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Here is a picture of myself, almost 30 years ago (!!!) that my sister just dug up and posted to Facebook.   (I modeled for her in a school's fashion show)  Good times!    {smile}

Some photo editing on the right...
PS Again: It is now several hours later and I have changed the whole background set-up again! A much lighter and colorful version this time. All the stripes on the right are a little bit crazy, but this will have to do for now...

Final PS: And again several hours later and now I don't like the design at all! Sometimes this creative mind drives me batty...


  1. What a coincidance, last night I saw a singer on television, who had a sailing-boat as a decoration in her hair!
    Kram, Monica

  2. I think it looks great - like a scrapbook...I hope that's the look you were after.

    Happy half term,

    Nina x


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