Monday, July 31, 2017

The Hike...

So last week we hiked to the top of 2nd Burroughs Mountain, just North of Mount Rainier. What a day it was! 

I am not a hiker and really don't enjoy inclines, but Mr. G. and Miss M. took this hike a few days earlier and the pictures looked just too spectacular to not give it a go. (even though they couldn't see the actual mountain all day because of low hanging clouds) 

We started at Sunrise (elevation 6400 feet), walked past Frozen Lake and then up through several long patches of snow on very steep hills to 2nd Burroughs Mountain (all the way on the left on this map). After lunch we walked down and finally made it back to Sunrise, but approaching from the south side.  About 8.8 miles (15 km) in total with an elevation gain of 1000 feet. An absolute first for me! {smile}

Here come LOTS of pics, most of them made by Miss M., they are in no particular order...

Mountain Goat!!!

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  1. Spectacular!!!!! And I hope you did enjoy most of that, not being a hiker and all... To then start with what sounds / looks somewhat challenging...Good for you for completing this. :-)
    I wish I wish I lived near such beauty.


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