Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some Sewing...

For years I sewed, and sewed and sewed, until I discovered knitting. Ever since then my sewing has been on the back burner, but recently I felt like  some stitching again. First up a fabulous design by Marcy Tilton. This is V8876, the Ruffled Collar Dress.:

I made it out of a linen that I dyed myself.  I love all the flowing lines, the fun collar to which I still have to add a ribbon, and just the total design. Lots of pattern pieces to cut out and difficult rounded lines to stitch, but it was such fun putting it together...

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Next up is another version of  Tif's Dottie Angel Frock, Simplicity 1080. I think this is my third or maybe even my fourth one! Just love the fit and how you can keep on combining the different parts.  

The pocket fabric had this little saying on the selvedge edge,
I liked it...

The fabrics were designed by Cotton & Steel, a favorite of mine. This version is a bit light in color for my liking, but I think it will be wonderful for the summer months.  I added cap-sleeves and a small split in the front neckline. The rest is the same as the original pattern.

Mmmm, what else shall I sew now?

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  1. Woho, wat mooi!!! En dank voor je lieve reactie ;-)


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