Tuesday, November 1, 2016


November never used to mean much to me, but the last three years it has become the month that the kids will come home for Thanksgiving and after that Christmas will be here before you know it and yay! because that is my favorite time of the year.

Even though having lived in The States for the past sixteen years,  I never really 'got' Halloween and still don't for that matter. I'm glad it is now behind us and we can focus toward the upcoming winter time. Snow will start capping the mountains soon we hope. Yesterday Mr. G. was talking about purchasing a ski rack for our new car. Now I don't ski or snowboard (it all goes a little bit too fast for me...), but I love the rest of the family going out together. Maybe I'll just come along and bring my knitting and my camera. Never enough snow photos... 

But that is still a bit in the future though. The temperatures right now are still extremely mild. I know the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for lots of rain and this past month we broke all the records! Not something to be happy about, but to be honest, it didn't feel that bad. I still see lots of little wonders all around and appreciate the short bursts of sunshine all the more.

November, you are so welcome!

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  1. Ohhh.. wat een wondertjes weer, Marjan!! Als ik hier hartjes kon laten zien zou ik het zeker doen ;o)

  2. prachtige fotoos natuurlijk, waar ik altijd van geniet. En ik voel precies wat je schrijft over Halloween maar vooral over dat November en de feestdagen nu een heel ander gevoel hebben omdat je kunt uitkijken naar de kids thuis! Dat realiseerde ik me pas geleden ook (beetje later dan jij) dat ik daar het meest naar uitkijk. En wat vind ik het fijn om te lezen dat je alle moois door de regendruppels heen kunt zien.


How wonderful to hear from you!

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