Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Lately...

<Miss M.'s last evening at home.
She and Mr. G.are contemplating a game of cribbage... >

Where to start? 
Both kids have returned to their respective universities and 
Mr. G.'s school work has started again as well. Summer is over....

<Summer's last hurrah:
swimming on a 90 degree day at a friend's house on Lake Washington...>

All in all we've had a wonderful summer with perfect weather 
(not as hot as the previous years) and lots of fun day trips in the area in our new car. 
(Subaru Outback) 
But, everything has been overshadowed by the passing of our dear Olive. 
The loss is still very real, especially now that I'm at home all alone without her keeping me company...

Just very slowly I feel just a tiny spark of creativity coming back to the surface. I'm knitting a wonderfully light sweater our of sock yarn (so very many tiny stitches), with a fun 'river' motif on the arms. I'm working on those sleeves now so will show you pics next time...

I also bought some fabric this summer designed by Annemaria Horner, 
but haven't decided on a pattern quite yet. 
It will come to me...

I've come down with a bug (swollen glands right underneath my ear) and so I'm taking it veeeery easy this week. It feels like everything is going in slow motion. 
Slowly all the emotions of this past summer are coming to the surface...

--  **  --  **  --

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  1. Het lijkt haast, alsof je jezelf opnieuw een soort moet uitvinden... zonder je lieve hond Olive en je kids at home... Neem je tijd Marjan!! Het hoort ook wel een beetje bij onze 'leeftijd' ;o) Knuffel xxx


How wonderful to hear from you!

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