Monday, November 30, 2015

One Last Frosty Morn'...

20F / -7C this morning! This will be the last frosty morning for a while since the rain will be returning again tomorrow. I ventured outside in my slippers and robe again to catch some beauties...

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In the mean time, Thanksgiving came and went. It was wonderful to have all four of us back together again. Miss M. will be back in less than two weeks and Master C. will return a week later, so we will not have to wait so long this time... 
We went out for dinner together, celebrated Thanksgiving with my extended Dutch family, cut down the biggest Christmas tree in our family history (11 feet / 3,3 m tall!) and used bungee cords to keep it up, went shopping (we bought four sets of Christmas pajamas between Miss M. and myself....), did some baking etc. The kids both have lots of finals coming up so some studying was done as well, but all in all we just plainly relaxed!

Master C. & Miss M.
Our tree to be!
(Yes, we should have known better...)
Trying to keep the tree upright...
(Miss M. is holding the bungee cords here.
later they were tied to the bookshelves...)
Family life...

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  1. Heeeeeerlijk!! Wat genieten :) En geweldig die boom!

  2. That's some tree! It wouldn't fit in my house!

  3. Oh that tree! So spectacular, so beautiful, and the blog post is beautiful as well. So happy I found your blog, I don't know why I'd never discovered it before! Love it! (And thank you for the nod in the sidebar! What a neat, neat surprise!)

  4. Huge tree! Our ceilings are very low, what with having a dinky little cottage. We had to get a diminutive tree (but it's still beautiful)...
    I'm envious of your frosty mornings. We've had about 6 weeks of driving rain and howling gales. I suppose we're lucky not to have been flooded, but still - I long for ice and snow.

  5. Your beautiful photos are inspiring me to get out into my yard again!


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