Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Morning After...

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We had a crazy wind storm coming through last night! The winds were howling around the house and the garden furniture was flying around the yard. 

Miss M. was visiting friends and we decided that she'd better spent the night over there rather then drive home. Good thing too since several roads were blocked by fallen trees! At one point around 150.000 people were without power, not us thankfully...

This morning everything is really fresh and bright outside, a great time to take some pics... (and do a lot of yard work to clean up the mess!)


  1. Pretty pics :-) !
    Hopelijk heb je niet teveel schade gehad !

    1. Ik verwachtte echt een ravage vanmorgen maar er is zo goed als niets! Behalve dan een heleboel stukjes van de Cedar trees in het gras etc.

  2. The fall storms are hitting you as well. Here it's so stormy and rainy and flooded. But staying inside is nice!
    Aggie kram

  3. Gorgeous pics as usual Marjan! We had our power go out a few times last night too, I finally decided to just go to bed, Lol!


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