Monday, September 29, 2014

Lopi On My Mind...

LettLopi that is!  {smile}

During the Spring of this year I signed up for the Icelandic Sweater knitting class with Ragga Eiriksdottir on Craftsy and the time has finally come for me to tackle this rather daunting project. 

The plan was to buy the wool (first time I'm actually knitting with real wool and not acrylic) in Holland with my mom as this was supposed to be a gift from her to me for my birthday. Ack and alas, the Lettlopi wool (an Icelandic wool) was nowhere to be found! She ended up giving me the money and I bought the wool right here at the end of our street at Tolt Yarn & Wool! To be honest I preferred the idea of buying locally anyway, so all was well. I bought the wool last Friday and have managed quite a bit of the complicated pattern already...

This is what the cardigan should you like in the end but then with the light-blue as an accent color:

The whole thing will be knit in the round and then in the end it will get 'steeked', i.e. it will get cut open in the middle with a pair of scissors!!!! Yaiks!

Since the weather has turned towards the Fall for real now, this is a perfect project. To top it all off, I'm starting a yoga class tomorrow for the first time ever! Yay, to new adventures!  


  1. oh my goodness! Beautiful sweater, I'm sure you'll manage just fine! The wool looks great to work with. I ahve heard/read about this 'steeking' thing, but it was always too yaiks for me indeed. Can't wait to see you share that whole process with us! Enjoy!

  2. Oh jeetje.
    Die cardigan ziet er gewoon práchtig uit, maar in je blogpost las ik dé gevreesde woorden : breiwerk snijden... Het zweet breekt me nu al uit in jouw plaats !! Dat vind ik toch zó eng en akelig, de schaar in breiwerk zetten...
    Maar ja, als je de foto van het eindresultaat ziet, doorzetten... Prachtig gewoon. En jouw kleurtjes zijn mooier dan die van het origineel, vind ik toch...

  3. Oh help, knippen in zo'n mooi vest, wie verzint dat nou weer!
    Maar ja, het eindresultaat gaat geweldig worden!

  4. Prachtig, en zulke mooie wol ook! We hebben op onze tentoonstelling over de Zeeuwse visserstruien ook 2 truien van Lettlopi hangen. De dame die deze truien breide voor ons zei dat ze net een truien met borsthaar vond ;) Prachtige wol is het, ik snap dat je er superblij mee bent! En straks lekker knippen!!

  5. Knitting and doing yoga - you are really trying new things! That is so fun. You seem to be made for knitting, really, it looks absolutely fabulous!
    Agneta kram

  6. Oh, it's lovely! I would love to be able to knit like this but I am really bad at knitting, crochet comes more easily to me. I love the colours you've chosen, very cool and muted, just perfect. x


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