Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On Top Of The World Again!

Wow, within the span of two weeks I was on two mountains!  (and yes, singing that song again...)

Last week Mr. G., Miss M. and myself decided to go for a hike at Sunrise, just North of Mount Rainier. It only took us 2 1/2 hours to get there so I think you can say that Mount Rainier is basically in our backyard. How lucky are we? (as long as it doesn't explode on us of course...)

It was super hot and there were millions of tiny black flies (Midges) that ate Miss M. alive (she has very strong reactions to all sorts of mosquito bites) so that was all a bit of a pain, but the views made up for everything! 

No words necessary, just get ready for a barrage of pictures. First some panoramas, which you can enlarge by clicking on them....

And here is the rest...

This last picture above is where Mr. G. and Miss M. went onward all the way up Mount Fremont and beyond to the fire look-out. That trail had too much elevation for me so I stayed behind for a bit and enjoyed the views after which I leisurely strolled back to the parking lot.

Here are some pics from the fire look-out, taken by Miss M.:

It truly was an amazing day!  {smile}


  1. Ik kan gewoon niet meer zeggen dan dat dit bangelijk mooie foto's zijn !!
    Zo een prachtig landschap.... heb jij toch geluk...

    1. Dank je wel Ingrid! Het wonen hier is inderdaad geweldig! :-)

  2. Je kan wel een ansichtkaartenhandeltje beginnen! Prachtig!

    1. En we hoefden er ons niet eens ons best voor te doen (die mooie plaatjes bedoel ik). Met zulke uitzichten worden alle foto's mooi! :-)


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