Thursday, May 29, 2014

One More Make,,,

Please excuse the bad lighting,
it is rather cloudy outside...

Last night, after I had just put away most of my sewing 'accouterments' (ironing board etc), I suddenly felt the need to sew yet another skirt and so I did!

I cut everything out and did a bit of serging (overlocking) that evening and today I finished the rest. It is the same skirt as yesterday, only this time I added the grey band at the bottom and some custom bias-tape underneath that part. I did make the waistband a tad bit wider since the other one was just a teeny weeny bit too tight... <wink>

Listening to: "I'm your Boogie-Man!" by good old (very old) K.C. and the Sunshine Band... {smile}


  1. Mooi! Ik was al jaloers op je smalle taille....

  2. Dat moet toch geweldig zijn, als je kan zeggen, hé, ik wil even een rokje meer in mijn kast, en plop, een dagje later is het klaar... Pfff ik moet dringend eens naailes volgen !
    En weeral zo een mooi stofje !!

  3. Lovely skirt... so wish I had your skills... Smiles Cass x

  4. Long time no see.....but you still have a lot of that energy going and you do so nice things! Kram


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