Saturday, February 1, 2014

Knitting Fool...

Yoke Sweater inspiration...
I've become a 'knitting fool' lately, I just can't stop! I've started an actual sweater pattern via Craftsy again. It is called "Sipsey's Folley" and the original pattern looks like this: 

Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone and I'm adding my own yoke pattern as well as a border pattern, since (to be honest) squirrels and Fall motives aren't really my thing... Did I mention that I've never knitted a sweater in my life? Yes, always jumping into the deep end over here... <wink>

Anyway, since this is my first try at a wearable pattern I didn't want to spend $80 or more on a project of which the outcome isn't clear, so I bought cheap acrylic yarn at Joann's. They only had very pastel-like colors unfortunately. The heather grey yarn will be my main color and then I will play around with the darker grey and a white in the actual color pattern on the yoke. I've already added a  small grey pattern band at the bottom of the front and back...

Do you see the pattern there? It is very subtle...

It is taking forever with so many stitches, but with my trusty tablet on my side with which I can watch tons of tacky sci-fi series in a row, time just flies by...

I have done a little bit of sewing in between as well though. Of course I had to make some proper knitting storage items to keep everything, well uhm..., organized!

And I'm also making a new dress for our upcoming trip to Orlando. 
(only a few days later in February, I will be accompanying my Mr. G. to a  big education conference over there in the big Disney Resort) 

I'm actually making the tighter skirt version and I'm not certain if that will be the right choice or not, so therefore I'm using a fabric that I am not quite certain about either... 
(so if it doesn't work out then not much is lost...)

So, that's what's going on over here! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We certainly will: the Seattle Seahawks will be in the Super Bowl tomorrow! (we're talking American Football here in the biggest game of the year,  for those of you not familiar with the terminology)  

Go Hawks!!!  {smile}


  1. Ik ben ook een etuitje aan het maken voor mijn haaknaalden! Dat breisel ziet er fantastisch uit!

  2. Wow maar weer eens! Mooier natuurlijk, jouw versie. Love the grey! Maar eh...wat is dat voor tafel? Ziet er cool uit.
    Helaas gaan de sea hawks natuurlijk niet winnen morgen, maar hoop dat je toch een leuke superbowl experience hebt... ;-)

    1. Haha, keep dreaming! ;-)
      Die tafel hadden we destijds in Sri Lanka gekocht. Hij stond in Indy gewoon in de woonkamer als onze koffietafel... (en hier ook weer)
      Wanneer kom je ook alweer??? :-)

  3. You are fearless in your undertakings! I am so impressed! Good luck with the sweater! I have no doubt that it will come out fantastic!

  4. Marjan Hello!
    the dress fabric is so pretty,I know it will work out because you are making it!!
    May I ask what pattern are you using for your little cosmetic purses? I have a yearning to start a small sewing project and something like this will be perfect!
    Enjoy your trip...
    bestest wishes to you as ever
    daisy j x

  5. I love knitting! But I'm not so good at it.. But you sure are!

  6. Good going with the knitting. Looks pretty!

    and the roses for your new dress are adorable!

    Have a nice sunday!



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