Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dreary Sunday Afternoon...

It's been pissing with rain (excuse my language) the whole day now and all I can muster up to show you are these cute little birdies outside our office window.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather today: fatigue, some chills and just plain bleegh, if that is a medical term. After doing a little bit of sewing I decided that the best place for me was the bed with some more episodes of James Herriott (All Creatures Great & Small) to watch and that's what I'll get back to in a moment...

I certainly hope your Sunday has been spent in a better way... (but spending a Dreary Sunday Afternoon in bed is actually not too shabby at all, especially with my electric blankie on...)  <wink>


  1. bah humbug...for the under-the-weather feeling, although I would agree that a dreary day in bed with James Herriott is way better than a beautiful day in bed...feel better soon!

  2. Utrecht in snow looks so romantic! And James Herriots stories are wonderful, I gave the DVDs to husband P as a present and he loves them, I prefer the books!

  3. Cuddling up with a good book is the perfect place to be!!!!!!
    Loved your bird photos.......happy reading!
    Chris :o)

  4. Ja hoor, bleegh is een medische term! Beterschap!

  5. I don't know if you can see my comment, but I'll try anyway...
    Even here, in the very south of Sweden, we have got lits of snow now, much more than usual! I am not so fond of winter and snow, but I must admit - it looks beautiful!
    Have a nice day!
    Kram, Monica

    1. Hej pa dig Monica, I am receiving your comments but my comments at your blog just don't seem to get published? I know it is not your fault, I just wanted to make certain you knew I am still there! :-)
      Enjoy all that snow, I see there is more on the way! :-)

  6. Your little birds pictures are always so sweet! Hope you are feeling better soon! :(

  7. I think the bird at the top looks like me, a bit fuzzy around the head!!
    daisy J ...
    ps hoped it has stopped raining now ?

  8. Your comments appeared as suspected spam in my blog! I hope I have fixed it now...
    Kram, Monica

  9. Hope everything is great to day!
    Love the birds, so fun to watch outside my window. And yours!!!
    /Sussi, Stolpås


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