Stepping Out...

(Yes, A Joe Jackson reference...)
The road is long...

It has been a month seen I last went running. Things were going quite well, but then at my last run, I quit. Just like that. I ran to the end of the street and just could not push myself to continue on. I turned around and went back home. That was such an all time low... 
Of course the death of my friend (which came quite sudden although she had been sick as long as I've known her), her memorial service and then another bad cold didn't help either.

But... I went out again today and I was so happy. Granted, I walked more than I ran, but I was actually Outside!

The forecast for the next few days is so very hopeful: dry (so-much-rain) and a bit warmer temperatures. I'm planning some gardening and maybe even some terrace knitting. And some more running of course...


  1. Keep on running!
    Since I had my shoulder operation I've hardly been outside and it's not good, coming out into the fresh air is so nice!


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