Make Me Up Before You Go-Go...

It was in the Fall of 2013 and I had just purchased the sewing pattern for this toiletries bag. It is designed by Erin Erickson from Dog Under My Desk and as soon as it came out I knew I wanted to spend the money on it. 

Unfortunately the Fall of 2013 also marked the beginning of my sewing decline and as you might have noticed on my Made By Cowroad-page, there hasn't been a lot of sewing action in the past year or so. Or at least, not as much sewing as I used to do. What happened? 
Well, I learned how to knit of course and right now that is what is keeping me busy most of the time. Sometimes I do feel some sewing urges bubbling to the top and this week it became this toiletries/ knitting bag...

Click! to enlarge...

This little bag had me sweating bullets, especially those binding strips. Man, I don't think I want to do that again, at least not the ones on the sides where they have to go around those round edges. Ugly sewing! But, the rest turned out super nice and I like it a lot!  {smile}

The sides are made up of an outer fabric, a layer of fusible interfacing, a layer of batting, another layer of fusible interfacing and then the lining. This was then all quilted together. All these layers make it stand up by itself so it doesn't flop over. I did have to sew it all with my extra sturdy jeans needle, because of all these thick layers. This also made attaching the binding extra difficult.
The inside (which I made in a light color so that I can actually find stuff in there) sports an extra zippered pocket, plus two pockets on the other side for extra items. All in all tons of portable storage!


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