Friday, January 16, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It dawned on me this morning that I hadn't truly visited the garden for several months now. I've been suffering from a sore throat and very low energy levels this week, but today I felt a bit of life stirring again: time for a little stroll (in my Dutch 'klompen') in our yard...

(pictures are basically unedited for a change... <wink>)

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  1. Prachtfoto's !!! Awel, ik ben blij dat je ze deze keer niet bewerkt hebt - de foto's zijn zo mooi dat enige vorm van nabewerking alleen maar had geschaad !

  2. Love the photos! I did some maintenance work in my garden yesterday and noticed that the bulbs are already growing. It's so exciting to see that spring is on the way. I hope you feel better soon!


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