Monday, February 3, 2014

Club Tropicana...

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A tropical dress in the middle of winter, why not?  <wink>

This truly was a quick sew-together project. 

I decided to go with the tighter skirt for a change and look, 
it has a vent in the back! (see arrow) 
I also added some little touches with the flower ribbon on the waist, front and vent 
and some piping around the arm openings. 

A perfect dress for Orlando! (if it is not too cold that is...)


  1. Drinks are Freeee! Lovely! Looking forward to seeing it modelled:-)

    1. Thought you might get the reference! ;-)
      Modelling will have to wait for a while, a bit chilly over here...

  2. I love it,,,it turned out perfectly!!
    My mum who lives in orlando says it has been slightly chilly but was warmer yesterday.... maybe take a cardi for that dress....bestest D xx

  3. What a dress, I like it so much, it's made for sun and fun! You're such a good seamstress!
    Aggie kram

  4. I love it! Such a beautiful dress! :D


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