Thursday, September 22, 2016

That Last Day of Summer...

It took me a while to recover from The Specials concert Tuesday night, so I didn't have enough energy to go out running yesterday. I did want to go outside though, so I grabbed my little folding chair and my water bottle and walked down to the Tolt River. Isn't it amazing we can just walk from our house and be in this fabulous environment every single day?

Anyway, I had also brought my Kindle and spent two hours right next to the river enjoying those last warm rays of sunshine for the year. (having just written that, I think they are expecting 80 degrees this coming Monday!) What a perfect way to spend that last day of summer....

I have to admit though that I'm also loving this beginning of a new season. We've had some much cooler mornings and it smells just so fresh outside. My running went crazy last week: 3.22 miles, 3.65 miles and then 4.10 miles, all in one week!  Yesss! 

And with views like this on my run, what's not to like?

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