Just Being Quiet...

Last night we went to see The Specials in Seattle. They are a British Ska band from the early eighties and I had always wanted to see them perform live and Man, I had so much fun! I knew all the songs! {smile} 

This morning I didn't wake up until 9 and my body was sooo tired, but also so happy. I'm taking it very easy, slowly going through all the social media (and other media too of course) making my regular breakfast smoothie (banana, pear, spinach, yogurt, water and flax seed) and whilst doing that I noticed the beautiful early Fall light outside in the garden. A quick walk in the wet grass in my robe and slippers to show you a few beauties. No editing.

And breathe...

--  **  --  **  --

So I wrote the above about half an hour ago, but then I was thinking that I hadn't shown you my awesome two-toned Dr. Martens (which I've had for ages and which weigh a ton!) and The Specials themselves etc., so here it comes:

Black & White Suede Docs...

Terry Hall!!

Whilst driving into Seattle last night...

They played Stereotype, Ghost Town, Guns of Navarone, Concrete Jungle, Man at C&A, Message to you Ruby and lots of others. It was just fabulous!!! {happy dance}


  1. Was er ook een beetje een ska-audience eigenlijk?

  2. Ohh, wat gaaf zeg! Hier nog een echte fan :))) Ben stiekem natuurlijk nu wel jaloers op je, dat je ze in het echie gezien en gehoord hebt!! Maar fantastisch hoor :) Ik snap dat je nu wel een beetje moet bijkomen met die mooie herfstbloemen, hihi!


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