~ Recently we've been spotting this little visitor in our yard. So cute! (but stay away from our veggie plot please...)

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~ I've just finished some more sewing. This one is a combination of Tif's DottieAngel dress and the #E dress from the Stylish Dress Book. I added the sleeves and the neckline from the #E dress to Tif's dress. It worked out quite well I think. The main fabric I bought in Joann's last week, the rest were remnants from previous projects...

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~ I also finished another actual #E dress a couple of weeks ago. The fabric is quite sheer and super comfortable during those hot days we've been having...

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~ Miss M. arrived home from her road trip (L.A. to Seattle) a week ago and Master C. landed last night also from L.A. (his road trip started in Spokane, through Salt Lake City and Zion National Park). 

Miss M. in San Francisco...
Master C. in Zion National Park...

The whole family is back together again: Yay!


  1. Schattig dat konijntje, maar het thuis hebben van je eigen kids is natuurlijk veeeeel fijner ;o) Complimenten weer voor je naaiwerk, wat kun je dit toch goed! Ik heb steeds het idee dat ik een soort Scandinavische stijl in je jurken zie, mooi!


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