Some Recent Makes In The Making...

Ha yes, only five minutes ago this came off of my needles: the Icelandic Maren Sweater, soon to become a Cardigan!  (by cutting it open in the front: yaiks!)

Love this ribbing detail on the sleeve.
The colorwork in the round was a bit of a pain but so worth it...

This has been such a wonderful knit up so far. I've used Lett Lopi yarn straight from Iceland (via my trusty wool store Tolt Yarn & Wool). I was rather hesitant to use this wool because of its scratchiness but so far it has been wonderful! Tonight I will wash it with shampoo and then rinse it with conditioner (once a hairdresser, always a hairdresser...) <wink> as per Ragga's recommendation and then the steeking will commence! I will keep you posted on the progress...


Click! to enlarge...

In between things I've also sewn this little skirt that you see above. I've used this pattern many times in the past since it is a quick and fun sew-up. I bought the flower fabric in Amersfoort last September. A bit of much needed color in this dreary weather we're having...


I'm also working on this little Dachshund pattern from Purl Soho, but I haven't gotten very far with it yet...

Well, that's it for now, stay dry!


  1. Je cardigan wordt práchtig !! Maar die schaar er in zetten, brrrr... Akelig eng !
    Leuk teckeltje ga je maken !

    1. Ja, ik moet inderdaad nog een paar dagen moed verzamelen... ;-)

  2. Oh! Dat teckeltje!❤️❤️❤️❤️


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