So Much Fun!

Picture by Anna Dianich
Oh boy, the last couple of weeks have been filled with knitted-bliss for me! Last Saturday Anna Dianich celebrated the one year anniversary of Tolt Yarn & Wool. The first 50 visitors would receive a gift so there I found myself 25 minutes before the official opening, shivering in line with a lot (!) of other knitters; so much fun!  

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I ended up finding a great knitting chair and spend 7 (!) hours in the shop, chatting to everybody and receiving tons of compliments on my Maren cardigan,  Gudrun Johnston was there to sign her books (which all ran out!) and in the afternoon she gave a lovely presentation about the Shetland Isles and their knitting traditions. What a great, great day it was! {smile}

I must admit that after knitting such a fabulous garment I fell a bit into a hole, some kind of knitter's block. I'm trying to snap out of it by knitting a lot of hats. Here is the first one for Mr. G., made out of that lovely YOTH yarn (pattern also by Veronica Jobe):

And then I just made one up for myself:

(Bernat Softee Chunky on US13 needles)
Right now i'm in the middle of yet another hat, but that one is a surprise for my nephew so I can't show it quite yet...

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The cold snap is finally over and we're back to rain once again. Had a lovely walk with my friend and her two Labradors a couple of days ago. We always take the Tolt River trail which suits us all just fine! {smile}
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Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. Hoe mooi je breiwerk ook is, Bo en Aero stelen de show in deze blogpost :-)))) Wat een schattekes !!!

  2. Haha, dat vind ik helemaal niet erg! ;-)

  3. I sooo love your red and tweed hat Marjan! Well done on all your other projects as usual!


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